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How fast can the PPC Emu be?

How fast can the PPC Emu be?

Postby DillRye » Jul 15, 2002 @ 6:21am

I was just wondering How fast the PPC emu runs? Is it throttled to only run so fast? It runs a little sluggish on my pc(colors are sooooo much better than on my jornada :D, but the speed doesnt seem too much better), but im guessing since its only 800mhz. Just wondering if anyone else had experience with this.
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Postby MirekCz » Jul 21, 2002 @ 9:27am

colors are better then on most PPC because you have got perfect 565 color images and most PPCs downgrade it to 444 images:(

About emu speed, on my duron 600mhz emulation worked about 4-6 times faster (depends if debug or release build on emu vs release build on PPC) for a more complex project using cpu only. FPU instructions tend to work 20+ times faster.
Of course those results are PC cpu dependent.
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