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draw over normal applications

draw over normal applications

Postby yjeanrenaud » Aug 29, 2002 @ 1:14pm

Hi board.
I got a slightly uncommon question. :idea:
is it possible to use gapiDRAW and draw a bitmap or animation onto the normal "today" screen, onto Pocketword etc. ?
I mean, I'd need a invisible window or something like this but still draw over the whole screen.
any suggestions?
thanks for your assistance :wink:
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Postby Johan » Aug 29, 2002 @ 8:31pm


Basically you should not use GAPI for this, or even a GAPI wrapper such as PocketFrog or GapiDraw.

Even though many games write directly to the display area when true backbuffers are not available, this does not mean that all devices support it. The new Toshiba E-740 for example uses synchronized blits to screen.

I would recommend that you download the sourcecode for that taskbar-skin-utility (I think it was Dashboard that was released for free) and check out their solution - and leave the GAPI for exclusive full screen access.

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