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long flags member in struct E2DBLTFX

PostPosted: Feb 9, 2009 @ 9:19am
by akabeer1983
i have got few doubts, please clarify if anyone does know.

In the definition of struct E2DBLTFX
typedef struct
long flags
unsigned long property
unsigned long xscale
unsigned long yscale
unsigned long rotation
unsigned char flipflags

I) what does the first member "long flags" represent?

II) If i use Blt to render images, and set scale value to N x 65536, N > 1, then the image is scaled up (magnified). If i use N x 65536, N < 1, the image is rendered in scaled down size.

But if i use N x 65536, N = 1, there is no image displayed. SO if i want to use Blt function, without scaling (maybe only for rotation, using Blt function)
how may i render, with original size of image?

III)Similarly for E2DBLTFX members; xscale, yscale