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Pre- HAl Frog - Anyone thinking of iPhone Port?

PostPosted: Apr 21, 2011 @ 11:07am
by Conan
I have been out of Windows Mobile for a long time & learning Objective-C / Xcode / iPhone dev for 2 years.

As my first app will be finished in about 2 months my mind turns to Space Treker, My WM5 game & thoughts of converting it to iPhone.

3D is easy as there's OpenGL but a game engine to replace PocketFrog might be as much work as simply getting PocketFrog working on iPhone. It will need a new name though as 'PocketFrogs' exists as an app.

Has anyone started working on a port? I was thinking about pre-HAL PocketFrog as it's likely to be quite straight forward to do.

Ian / AKA Conan, SundialSoft

Re: Pre- HAl Frog - Anyone thinking of iPhone Port?

PostPosted: Apr 21, 2011 @ 5:02pm
by Dan East
This isn't an answer to your question, but I have a game engine 2Dex, which is based off of concepts I initially flushed out with the Varium project. Randall used it for , and I'm nearing completion on another game now. It is higher level than PocketFrog, and uses Lua as the scripting language. Everything is event driven and object-oriented within lua. You set up your scene, layers, tilesets, entities, etc, and then the lua code simply responds to events like collisions, timers, touch events, etc. I also have a Windows build for game development, and would like to port it to Android once I get this game wrapped up. It also has an advanced particle system. It uses Box2D for physics. Just wanted to throw that out there in case it would be of interest to anyone. It saves a ton of development time because you can concentrate on developing everything specific to your game, and not messing with tons of foundational stuff like rendering or interfacing with the system, etc.