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PostPosted: Nov 8, 2005 @ 10:15am
by Johan
Just some simple rules for posting into this forum.

1. This forum is run exclusively for discussing software development for mobile devices with the GapiDraw SDK.

2. Registration is required before posting, you cannot post anonymously.

3. If you want to complain about GapiDraw, the best way to do so is to contact us directly . We read all emails sent to us. If you really want to post public drama threads this is not the proper forum to do so, please use another forum instead. Threads complaining about (lack of) features, license costs and other similar issues will be removed and authors will be sent the contents of their thread so they can post it in another forum or email us directly.

4. Thread "hijacking" and posting completely offtopic posts inside other people's threads is not allowed, and the author will be sent the contents of their post with a PM so they can either post a new message with the topic or post it in another forum, see (3) above.