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GapiDraw 4.1 Released!

GapiDraw 4.1 Released!

Postby Johan » Apr 8, 2009 @ 11:35pm

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Develant Technologies today announced the immediate availability of <a href="">GapiDraw 4.1</a>, a significant update to their highly popular Windows Mobile graphics platform GapiDraw! GapiDraw can be downloaded and purchased online at

New features in GapiDraw 4.1 include:

Xperia Panel Framework. A new multithreaded framework for creating Sony Ericsson Xperia panels! The new class CGapiPanelApplication is a robust and production proven version of CGapiApplication that fully conforms to the Sony Ericsson panel interface guidelines. Using GapiDraw you can run the same code either as a separate executable file (to help debugging) or as an Xperia panel DLL (for release).
Xperia Panel Sample Application. GapiDraw 4.1 ships with a new sample application that shows you how you can set up your Xperia panel applications to compile to both a panel DLL as well as a separate executable file, using the same source code. This sample application uses the new GapiPanelApplication framework.
Dithered Gradients. We have added a new option to CGapiSurface::GradientRect you can use to add variable dithering to gradients. You can specify if and how much dithering you want on your gradients. As with all other GapiDraw functions this dithering is very fast and can be done on each frame.

Price Model

GapiDraw is sold as a royalty free, all-platforms, perpetual site license. This means that:

* There are no royalty fees for using GapiDraw.
* You can create and sell as many applications as you want.
* You can use the license for as long as you want.
* You only need one license per company.

The price for a GapiDraw binary license is $995
The price for a GapiDraw source code license is $3.495
The price for upgrading a binary license to source code license is $2.495

GapiDraw 4.1 is a free upgrade for all current GapiDraw 4.0 users. Users of GapiDraw 3.5 and later can upgrade to GapiDraw 4.1 for 50% of the current price of GapiDraw 4.1.

About GapiDraw

GapiDraw is the leading graphics platform for Windows Mobile devices and has been used in hundreds of commercial games and applications, including major titles such as EverQuest for the Pocket PC by Sony Online Entertainment and Return to Mysterious Island by TetraEdge. GapiDraw was awarded Best Graphic Library for Windows Mobile devices two years in a row by Pocket PC Magazine and has a strong developer community. GapiDraw is actively used in research, CAD/CAM, navigational tools, and hundreds of commercial games for mobile devices. GapiDraw is available for immediate download and purchase at

About Develant Technologies

Develant Technologies AB is one of the leading providers of graphics platforms for Windows Mobile devices. Develant’s graphics platform GapiDraw has since its introduction in 2002 become the standard platform to use when creating applications with high demands for advanced graphics on Windows Mobile devices.
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