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gapidraw flip fails after some time on certain devices

PostPosted: Feb 24, 2010 @ 4:04am
by eugraphics
I've upgraded to GD 4.2 now and that solves several issues I had with 3.6, which is good. However, there is one issue that persists:

On 2 winmobile devices my application runs well for about an hour then the Flip() call stops flipping and the app appears to be hung. The problem is that Flip() just isn't doing anything anymore. It still returns 0 though.

Is this a known issue at all?

More details:
1. the gapidraw simple.exe in v3.6 duplicated this problem. however in 4.2 i cannot duplicate this problem with simple.exe, but it still happens with my app. I feel like my app is exposing a problem with Flip().

2. The Flip() works for some time. Usually a certain number of flips it appears. Maybe about 2000 flips work then it fails. once it fails it never works again.

Any ideas would be helpful!


PostPosted: Feb 24, 2010 @ 10:19pm
by Johan

I've answered in the other thread: ... hp?t=32343