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GapiDraw 4.0 : Out Next Week

GapiDraw 4.0 : Out Next Week

Postby Johan » Oct 2, 2008 @ 10:36pm

Hi all,

GapiDraw 4.0 is compiled and ready. Before we release it however we want to make sure that we have the updated web site finished, a new tutorial completed and have worked through all the documentation. We finally decided to keep the name GapiDraw instead of switching to MobiDraw. We like GapiDraw, and it has been a part of our lives the past six years, and we plan to continue developing it for many years still to come!

Expect a release early next week!

Regarding features: Yes there are many new features and core improvements. But I won't disclose them until next week when I'm also making it available for download. :-) Some of the features are very cool and nice to have, but are a bit hard to explain with just text. GapiDraw 4 represents a major new platform for us, and we plan to keep improving and adding free features to it much like we have improved and released free upgrades to GapiDraw 3 the past years.

Pricing for GapiDraw 4.0 will be the same as for 3.8. We will also have upgrade discounts for current users. GapiDraw 4.0 will be available for Windows CE devices, Windows Mobile devices and stationary PCs.

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