This site is no longer active and is available for archival purposes only. Registration and login is disabled.

Welcome to A site from the era of Pocket PC's--the killer of the Palm Pilot and the basis for the modern Smartphone. We served as a hub for cross-platform mobile developers and device enthusiests. We hosted forums for several popular development libraries such as GapiDraw and EDGELIB. Our site was the host of PocketQuake -- a groundbaking port of Quake to our then-powerful devices.

Since 2000 much has changed and due to lack of effort on our part this site no longer serves as a hub for timely information. You may still find relevant information in the forums if you're a Windows Mobile developer (or maybe a historian?). If you're an old-time member, thanks for spending your time here--we enjoyed the strong community that once thrived. Thanks to Matt, Dan, Mike (sponge) and all the others that made the site tick.

All the best--